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WinFlow 5.01 New Item Creation & Win NT 4, Windows 2000 Incompatibility

Double clicking a symbol border displays a small palette with four buttons that are normally clicked to open a New Chart, Comment, Application or Plug-in. In Windows 2000, the buttons on this palette do not function when clicked.

SOLUTION: Dismiss the palette by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard and create the New item via the Link menu. For example, for a new chart, select Link>Chart>Create and a new chart will be created. Place at least one symbol in the chart and close it. Note that the daughter chart icon is placed next to the parent symbol and can be clicked to open the daughter chart in the future.

Thanks for your patience while this incompatibility is being resolved.

MacFlow 5.x: File Conversion
Grouping and Up-grouping Symbols

Grouping and un-grouping of symbols will cause a program crash when attempting to edit something from within the original Grouped set.

SOLUTION: Receive your FREE MacFlow and WinFlow v5.0.1 upgrade, contact our support department for details.

MacFlow 5.x: File Conversion

PROBLEM: When attempting to open a WinFlow document in MacFlow without success, the RESOURCE of the file may be the problem. If this is the case, MacFlow is recognizing the WinFlow document as a standard TEXT file and asks whether you would like to organize the flowchart into a HIERARCHICAL or GEOMETRIC format. Since it is not recognized as a flowchart, these are the only options.

SOLUTION: The solution is to change the RESOURCE. This Program
(less than 8K in size) converts a WinFlow 5.x document into a recognized MacFlow 5.x document by correcting the RESOURCE which was altered in the Windows environment. To activate the program simply drop the file on the program icon.

MacFlow 5.0.0: Expired
PROBLEM: Upon opening MacFlow 5.0.0 the following error message will come up if the Date format is read Year/Month/Day or Year/Day/Month with the CENTURY option selected (YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/DD/MM). The error message that is presented at this time is:


SOLUTION: By changing the DATE format to anything other than the format which causes problems (shown above) and deleting the MacFlow 5.0.0 Preference file, you will no longer encounter this error message. Another solution is to upgrade to a complimentary v5.0.1 of MacFlow and WinFlow, contact our support department for details.

StandAlone Charts with MacFlow 5.0.0 under OS 8.x and newer

PROBLEM: There is a possibility that StandAlone charts will be unstable and may cause the StandAlone chart to be unstable, causing either a MacFlow StandAlone chart crash or a system crash.

SOLUTION: Receive your FREE MacFlow v5.0.1 upgrade, contact our support department for details.

WinFlow 5.x Floating Palette Inaccessible

PROBLEM: There is a known issue with the floating palette under Windows NT that can be accessed by double-clicking on a symbol. When the palette is made visible, it does not take input from the mouse and may give an error noise when attempting to click upon it.

SOLUTION: This is a known incompatibility with WinFlow and Microsoft Windows NT and is being addressed. The current way around this is to use the Link Menu.

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