MacFlow & WinFlow:
Flowchart Design and Development

Use WinFlow 6.0 for Windows or MacFlow 5.0 forMacintosh to produce top-quality diagrams fast, without tedious drawing. Flowcharts and organization charts can be entirely freeform. Link a subchart and pages of text comments to any symbol. Included are more than 400 ANSI-standard and custom symbols. Even "teach" symbols how you would like them to scale, to handle text, etc. Turn almost any graphic into a smart symbol with intelligent attachment points. Get the full details!

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FREE MacFlow v5.0.1 upgrade from v5.0.0. Contact our support department.

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MF and WF Box Shots Features and Benefits
  1. Automatically turn outlines into any available flowchart style.
  2. Multiple symbol links can be established; link to a subchart, text comments, and a file from any other application.
  3. When you move a symbol, lines stay connected. To resize a symbol, just click and drag its corner.
  4. Y2K Compliant.

System Requirements: Macintosh -- System 7.0 and higher, 4MB of RAM free, 68K Mac and Power Mac Native LaserWriter driver 8.2 or higher. Windows -- Windows98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 8 MB of RAM free.

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