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WinFlow and MacFlow: Flowchart Design and Development

Use WinFlow 6.0 for Windows or MacFlow 5.0 for Macintosh to produce top-quality diagrams fast, without tedious drawing. Present your company's organizational structure or design and document the flow of a manufacturing process. Develop any overall view of work, project, or logic flow in just minutes! No other flowcharting method offers the ease-of-use, speed, and outstanding flexibility of MacFlow and WinFlow.

Simply drag one of more than 400 predrawn, intelligent symbols from the palette onto your page, then drag between symbols to connect with a line. Click in a symbol or on a line and type to add text -- it's that easy! Symbols can grow automatically to hold all your text. You can reorganize symbols as desired and the lines stretch and stay attached. Swap symbols with just a mouse click.

Change colors, line widths, and line styles; place freestanding text or lines; even create instant right angles or Bezier curves. Flowcharts can be entirely freeform and can include your own custom symbols. Link a subchart and pages of text comments to any symbol. Launch files from other applications or use specialized plug-in modules by simply double-clicking a symbol. Print presentation-quality charts, place charts in desktop-published reports, or create stand-alone charts.

MacFlow and WinFlow even translate text outlines into flowcharts automatically. Fill specific needs and access exciting new functions with plug-in modules. Charts created with both MacFlow and WinFlow are file-level compatible with each other.

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Create Quality Flowcharts -- Fast: Drag from the palette or simply double-click to place a symbol. Connect symbols by dragging a line from one symbol to another. When you move a symbol, lines stay connected. To resize a symbol, just click and drag its corner.

Intelligent Symbols Make Flowcharting Easy: Included are more than 400 ANSI-standard and custom symbols. Intelligent Symbol Technology means symbols behave the way you expect. You can also "teach" symbols how you would like them to scale, to handle text, to handle line attachments, and so forth. You can even turn almost any graphic into an intelligent symbol.

Turn Outlines Into Flowcharts -- Automatically: Simply open any text outline with MacFlow or WinFlow and select a flowchart style. Let MacFlow or WinFlow create the flowchart for you!

Customize Line and Arrowhead Styles: Use powerful editors to create your own line styles and arrowheads, or use the dozens already included.

Expand Functionality Using Plug-In Modules: Over a dozen custom plug-in modules are included for special functions. Some plug-in modules can affect your entire chart, such as Fit to Page and Off Page Connectors. Others affect individual symbols, such as Universal No and Grow Text. Advanced users can also create custom plug-in modules.

Link Nested Charts, Comments, and Files: Multiple links can be established for any flowchart symbol, including a link to a subchart, to a page of text comments, and to another flowchart or a file from any other application.

Share Charts Electronically: Distribute any flowchart as a stand-alone document, royalty-free!

For Macintosh and Windows Both: Share your flowchart files with your colleagues. WinFlow for Windows is file-level compatible with all flowcharts created with MacFlow for Macintosh, and vice versa.

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