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Mainstay offers working demo versions of the entire product line. The following Internet,Windows, and Macintosh demos can be downloaded for trial. Also, Internet products can be experienced interactively on this Web site. Limitations in the demo versions are described under each product section below. These files are offered in MacBinary(.bin), BinHex (.hqx), and ZIP (.zip) formats.

MacFlow 5.0 and WinFlow 6.0:
Flowchart Design and Development

The demo versions of MacFlow and WinFlow cannot save files.

MacFlow 5.0 Demo (.bin) MacBinary 2,003K Mac
MacFlow 5.0 Demo (.hqx) BinHex 2,724K Mac
WinFlow 6.0 Demo (zip) EXE 5,519K Win

Note: Windows demo files are offered in .zip and .exe formats. Macintosh files are offered in more than one format to accommodate individual needs. MacBinary files (.bin) are smaller than BinHex files (.hqx), and most Macintosh users should be able to download a .bin file without problems. However, some gateways do not correctly pass these files. If you have any problems downloading or decoding a .bin file, try the BinHex (.hqx) file instead.

Macintosh .bin and .hqx archives may be post-processed (decoded and expanded) by StuffIt Expander, a freeware utility by Aladdin Systems. StuffIt Expander is available from many locations on the Web.

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